Pit River Watershed Alliance Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Pit River Watershed Alliance


The Pit River Watershed Alliance (“Alliance”) is a collaborative, non-regulatory, effort that involves the active participation of various social, economic, and environmental interests, both private and public, working together to achieve the enhancement of water quality and aquatic habitat in the Pit River Watershed (See Map 1). 

1. Purpose: The purpose of this MOU is to establish the framework for community based and locally led management, coordination and cooperation in the Pit River Watershed Alliance. The Pit River Watershed Alliance is defined by its mission and vision.

2. Mission: Foster partnerships that achieve integrated long-term cultural, economic and environmental health of the watershed through active community participation.

3. Vision: The Pit River Watershed is a place of natural beauty, rangeland, forest, agricultural productivity, and environmental integrity whose stakeholders strive to integrate cultural, economic and environmental health.  Citizens, businesses, organizations, landowners, and government collaborate to make informed, responsible decisions that enhance and conserve the cultural, economic and environmental qualities of the watershed for present and future generations.


1. Overall business of the Alliance will be the responsibility of the signatory parties. Subcommittees will be formed as needed.

2. The Alliance Coordinator will be the Project Coordinator of the North Cal-Neva Resource Conservation & Development Area.  The role and responsibility of the Coordinator will be to oversee Alliance activities, call meetings and develop agendas, complete Alliance plan elements on schedule, ensure active participation of all signatories, and report accomplishments to watershed inhabitants via public media.


Therefore, be it agreed that all signatories agree to the following:

1. Pursue and support opportunities and programs that will enhance watershed health.

2. Consider the views of all parties with an interest in the Pit River watershed.

3. Encourage participation by private landowners through technical and informational outreach while recognizing associated property rights.

4. Formulate an action plan to coordinate conservation and enhancement activities for the watershed as whole.

5. A. Disclose appropriate data and information regarding the Pit River watershed related to the stated purpose and background of this MOU by making this information available to:
Project Coordinator
North Cal-Neva Resource Conservation & Development Area
806 West 12th Street
Alturas CA 96101 

These documents will be appropriately cataloged and filed so as to facilitate reference and use.

    B. The above provision shall not require the public release of sensitive resources or site specific information collected on private or public lands.  When information is provided to the Alliance by a participating party it shall remain the property of the private landowner/agency and shall not be provided to third parties.  Specific information requested by third parties shall be referred to private landowners/agencies supplying information.  Federal agencies will make data available under statutory permissibility limits pursuant to provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (5USC 55 2 (a).

6. Contribute technical assistance and funding towards achievement of watershed enhancement subject to personnel availability and budget constraints.

Furthermore, it is mutually agreed upon and understood by and between the signatories that:

7. Any signatory may withdraw from the MOU at any time. It is desirable that they do so in writing.

8. This MOU is neither a fiscal nor a fund obligation document.  Any endeavor involving reimbursement or contribution of funds between Alliance signatories or other parties will be handled in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and procedures including those for government procurement and printing.  Such endeavors will be outlined in separate agreements that shall be made in writing by representatives of the parties and shall be independently authorized by appropriate statutory authority.

9. This agreement may be revised as necessary, by issuance of a written amendment, signed and dated by all signatories.   This MOU will be reviewed every five (5) years and revised if necessary.  This MOU may be terminated by mutual agreement of all signatories at any time.

10. New signatories can sign on to this Memorandum Of Understanding at anytime without being construed as an amendment and without the approval of all other signatories.

IV. REPRESENTATIVE OBJECTIVES (next five years; not fixed by this MOU)

1) Obtain funding to conduct watershed assessment to determine base-line hydrologic conditions and identify additional opportunities for improvement.

2) Implement key watershed improvement and demonstration projects throughout the watershed.

3) Obtain funding to develop a computerized watershed database connected to  a geographic information system including available monitoring data, digital photos, maps, etc.



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