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The Pit River watershed, encompassing approximately 4,324 square miles, is located in northeastern California, at the eastern end of the Great Basin Province. The Pit River Watershed Alliance is a collaborative, non-regulatory group that seeks to strengthen individual stakeholder efforts through enhanced coordination. From these efforts, the Alliance is hopeful to achieve long-term cultural, economic, and environmental health in the watershed.

Note! The Pit River Watershed Alliance is no longer a working collaborative group, therefore this web site will be archived.

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The Pit River watershed is located in northeastern California, at the western edge of the Great Basin Province.  The headwaters are drained by the North and South Fork of the Pit River.  The North Fork of the Pit River originates at the outlet of Goose Lake, an enclosed basin, except during rare peak water levels, when it spills over into the Pit River.  The South Fork of the Pit River originates from several tributaries in the south Warner Mountains.  Both forks join in the town of Alturas, and then flow in a southwesterly direction to Shasta Lake in Shasta County, and eventually into the Sacramento River, and the Bay Delta of San Francisco Bay.

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At the western limit of the upper watershed, the Pit River is joined by Fall River in Shasta County.  In all, there are twenty-one named tributaries, totaling about 1,050 miles of perennial stream, and encompassing approximately 4,324 square miles.

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Ash Creek, tributary to the Pit River.

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