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Pit River Watershed Alliance
Pit RCD Watershed Management Strategy - December, 2006
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Please contact us if you have any questions about the content of this website or want to discuss future projects within the Pit RCD area. The Pit RCD is committed to providing assistance to our local landowners who share a similar mission as the RCD.

  • Sharmie Stevenson, Pit RCD Business   Manager

    Phone: 530-299-3405
  • Todd Sloat, Watershed Coordinator
    Phone: 530-336-5456

Pit RCD Board of Directors

Buck Parks – President
(530) 299-3178

Aaron Albaugh
(530) 299-3426

John Rogers
(530) 294-1190

Bob Shaw
(530) 294-5357

Chuck Signs
(530) 294-5807

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