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clear boxScotch Thistle at the Confluence

Scotch thistle is just one of many noxious weeds affecting the Pit River watershed. This site just outside of Alturas illustrates how difficult control of these pests can be. Scotch thistle, Canadian thistle, and various other weeds grow here interspersed with a variety of native and introduced vegetation. A single chemical spray will not do the job, and many potential treatments would also affect desirable species at the same site. Hand grubbing would be difficult if not impossible. And the added constraint of treatment next to the river limits management alternatives. Meanwhile, each growing season sends more weed seeds down the river to invade new habitat.

View the Cubical Panorama of Scotch Thistle at the North/South Fork Pit River Confluence (1.5 Mb)

Panorama taken October, 2002

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Panorama Viewing Instructions

New thorny leaves of a thistle near the confluence of the North and South Fork Pit River.