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The Flournoy family has flourished in the South Fork Valley for over 140 years. Today, Likely Land and Livestock manages a reach of the South Fork that was channelized over 40 years ago. Over time, the river worked its way out of the confined channel and began an erosion process that was actively transporting acres of soil downstream. In cooperation with Central Modoc Resource Conservation District (RCD), the Regional Water Quality Control Board, and other funding sources, Likely Land and Livestock has begun the transformation of a source of non-point pollution into a healthy functioning stream and wetland system – with some 13 acres of new hay meadow to boot! The Flournoy’s put in a lot of effort to match the public funds. This kind of partnership is a model for local leadership in addressing water quality issues.

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Panorama taken October, 2002

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The riparian area along the South Fork of the Pit River has been improved to help with bank stability.