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clear boxCanadian Thistle on South Fork Pit River

Canadian thistle is a significant pest in Pit River’s wetlands. It infests native wetlands and river banks just as readily as it invades meadows and fields. Prevention of regrowth of canadian thistle and other weeds is a top priority at this stream restoration project site near Likely. Weed populations were well established before the project, and keeping them from becoming more entrenched was only the first half of the battle. Weeds take advantage of soil disturbance, whether it’s from agricultural tillage, road building, or stream restoration. Therefore, weed management needs to be an integral part of any work plan.

View the Cubical Panorama of Canadian Thistle on South Fork Pit River (1.4 Mb)

Panorama taken October, 2002

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A thistle rosette along the South Fork of the Pit River.