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North Fork Ash Creek Project

This project addressed the issue of abandoned floodplains on reaches of North Fork Ash Creek and Dutch Flat Creek that cross the ranch. These streams were channelized decades ago for agricultural purposes. Downcutting and lateral erosion of the channel began and continues today. This in turn increased runoff rates and dried what was once a wet meadow.

On the North Fork Ash Creek, the project implemented the pond and plug technique.  This involved filling the incised gully on part of the creek, and creating a pond at the upper end that re-established flood plain connection.  This project will raise the local water table; reduce the rate and intensity of water runoff from the ranch, and significantly improving aquatic and riparian habitat quality. The Species benefiting from habitat improvements include redband rainbow trout (Calif. sensitive species), Modoc sucker (Federally listed endangered species), waterfowl and various neotropical migrant birds.

Pre project picture of North Fork Ash Creek.

Re-entry point of water from the remnant channel into the incised channel. Stockpiled rock will be used to dissipate energy of the creek as it drops elevation from the floodplain back into the incised channel.

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